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Xiamen Landee Flange Factory

China flange, tube flanges, China pipeline flanges, blind flanges, anchor fla...

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Founded in Xiamen over twenty years ago, Landee provide different kinds of flanges that could be used in all walks of life. With rich experience, products made by Landee are superb. All are produced under strict quality control system. 
The flanges products are classified into blind flanges, anchor flanges, ring flanges, spacer flanges, spade flanges, threaded flanges, weld-neck flanges, slip-on flanges, orifice flanges, lap-joint flanges, socket weld flanges, etc. All accept customized orders. 
We are constantly developing innovative technology and always try our best to meet customers' expectation. We also offer OEM and ODM services. 
Sales Contact: Jeasin Lee
Sales Email: sales@landeeflange.com [Details]